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We have over 15 years experience in Bat Rolling, Bat Shaving, and End-loading, so we are not new to the game.  We are also avid softball players and experts in sports equipment.  We take pride in our work to ensure you receive the best service possible.

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Hottest Shaved Softball Bats

Bat Shaving experts can increase the performance of your bat by: 

  • BAT ROLLING:  Bat Rolling accelerates the break-in of your bat and adds anywhere from 10 to 40 ft. to your hits.  Our bat rolling process mimics the manual break-in of ~500 to 800 hits without the wear and tear on the bat.  Our customers will gain about 20 to 40 ft. on composite bats.  Bat rolling allows you to experience maximum potential from the very first swing.  At we know exactly how much pressure each bat roll needs to reach the highest potential.
  • BAT SHAVING:  Bat shaving involves removing the bat’s end-cap and thinning the inner walls of the bat to increase the trampoline effect that happens when a ball hits the bat.  Bat shaving significantly increases the "pop" and distance of a hit ball.  Before a bat is shaved it should always be rolled first. This will eliminate any need for break in time.  It’s not unusual to pick up 40-5Home Run Derby Bats for Sale0 ft. of distance with a rolled and shaved bat.  Keep in mind, bat shaving does shorten the bat’s life due to the thinner walls.  On average you might expect to lose about 25% on the life of the bat. Shaved bats are great for Home Run Derbies, Exhibition play, Outlaw Leagues or anywhere it is legal to use them.  Shaved bats improve the batted ball velocity by at least 2 MPH and with some bats by almost 8 MPH.  The ASA performance limit on a bat is 98 MPH and shaved bats far exceed this upper limit.  This makes shaved bats illegal for sanctioned league play(1). Bat Shaving is also known as bat juicing or bat doctoring.
  • END-LOADING: End-loading is adding weight to the inside of the end-cap before sealing.  End-loading can cause an extensive increase in distance due to the added inertia when the bat strikes the ball.  After Bat Shaving, some players will choose to add the weight removed in the shaving process back into the end-cap of the bat to keep the bat weight close to its starting weight.  For example, a bat weighing 27 ounces might lose 1.5 ounces in Bat Shaving, resulting in a final weight of 25.5 ounces.  That 1.5 ounces lost can then be end-loaded into the end-cap for a final weight of 27 ounces.  



(1)A softball bat "hit speed" from the manufacturer is 98 MPH.  A Shaved Bat increases this speed and therefore becomes illegal.  For example:  an 8 MPH increase in bat performance equates to a softball leaving a bat at 98 MPH and a softball leaving a bat at 106 MPH.  The difference is a fast 62 ft. in additional distance traveled.  A Pitcher standing at 60 ft. has between 1/2 (80 MPH) and 1/3 (120 MPH) of a second to react, and catch a ball soaring directly at them.  This can and will result in disastrous player injuries.

Bat Shaving Release Form

DISCLAIMER:  Once shaved, these bats are only to be used in Home Run Derbies, Tournaments where there are no bat restrictions and anywhere where shaved bats are legal for play. Never use shaved bats in sanctioned league play and/or tournaments where bats are certified to stay within a certain performance level or anywhere it is illegal. All customers of must sign a Shaving Release agreeing they will not use the shaved bats in sanctioned league play, tournaments or anywhere it is illegal. The Shaving Release must be signed before any work will begin.  Bat shaving will void your manufacturer’s warranty.  Click Here to access the Bat Shaving & Order Release Form.

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